Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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The realization hit me like a blow .. A somewhat belated

Seems my year in 2011 of the knowledge, after all, we all know well that once you know his problem, the solution also can not be far. I hope for me if I'm honest. What exactly that I mean, when I was a morning on the way to college today, it hit me like lightning, the knowledge. I have a contaminated brain, the brain of an infected romantic novelist, what it makes me a bit difficult not to want to constantly interpret anything. I hate it. I read thousands of romance novels, they see a film and write yourselves all happy endings and for myself I am not even remotely related to the ability one. As long as I live in Göttingen, I did not have one fucking date. Is it me or this accursed city? I am beginning to doubt me. At the beginning I thought that the fact dates would have to increase proportionally to the size of my circle of friends, but Nope. I had a handful of friends I had zero dates, I now have a bunch of friends I have zero dates. So a theory that I can also reject again. Although I had in the meantime every now and then someone for whom I was interested, but unfortunately were all just one-sided advances. I am a very romantic and very messed up man, as I have already stated above, and hope one day that is there someone tell me is so interesting, perhaps somewhere, a secret admirer of the whole time is interested in me. So beautiful romantic and cheesy this idea may be, here the following wisdom I have for me erkennnen again was allowed, what the hell I want with a secret admirer of him I know nothing, I prefer someone who tells me he thinks I'm mad so black that can not be true? or? Please do not let the fact be in debt that I am a completely uninteresting man, I would find also very very sad.

Actually this should not be something that gives me time to worry the least. After all, I am almost finished my studies. Yesterday I've finally done it right to my family file cards to capture and I've also learned to have dasd feeling really something. At least have it called back in my memory. Today, after I have finished my Rep, I'll be there continue where I stopped yesterday, so I mad this ultimate surprise and found heartbreaking romantic Schonner film "See the full moon"

Arg I should stop putting and me rather on the important things in life .... and the focus is now time not men ...

because there are only 96 days .....



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